Saturday 16 May 2015

Saturday Stuff

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Happy long weekend! It's Canada's unofficial start to summer! (photo credit)

Not only is it the weekend, but in Canada it's the looooong weekend! Nothing feels better than 5:00 on Friday afternoon of a long weekend, amiright!?

Last weekend Other Half and I experienced the jet-set lifestyle and flew over to the UK for my cousins wedding. We both took Friday off work and were back in our desks on Monday morning. It was a bit of a whirlwind but so 100% worth it. It was so nice to see family and celebrate such a happy occasion. Plus Dorset county is so beautiful this time of year! We swooned everywhere we looked.

This weekend will be decidedly more low key with almost no plans at all. That means lots of sleeping, sipping tea, and catching up on reading. Perfect.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Are you taking a mini-holiday? Or stay-cationing it up? Headed to the cottage? The park? The couch? I'd love to know!

Whatever you do, enjoy! And here's some reading to help you kick it all off...

This thai cashew coconut ginger peanut sauce dish has all of the flavours and looks amazing to boot! I'll be trying this one for sure!

I'm a kale fan. Some are, some aren't. I don't understand those who aren't. It's just such a lovely hearty green! Pretty sure this salad would go down a treat.

Obviously after all of that goodness you need to follow it up with something sweet. Allow me to introduce you to Smitten Kitchen's roasted marshmallow milkshake (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Home brewing your own beer is really having a moment these days. If you're a hipster, or just curious, check out this great guide from The Kitchn which will be guiding you through the process throughout the month.

The instant I get a house of my own you better believe I'll be renting some chickens. Please oh please some one I know do this so I can come over and delight in their presence and their presents! (get it? the eggs? they're like presents from the chickens? .... I know, I'm too witty for my own good)

On a more serious note (though I will seriously be renting chickens!) these images paint a pretty accurate picture of today's smartphone use in society. I'm all for smartphones and technological advancements in general (obviously, mine is also strapped to my side) but the art of conversation is definitely less pronounced in our younger generations (mine included).

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