Friday, 31 October 2014

Roasted Tomato Soup

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Happy Hallowe'en! May your day be filled with too much candy, not too many slutty versions of unassuming costumes, and a good dose of tricks and treats. I'll be heading out on the town withs some friends and no general plan to see what the night has in store... which is hopefully only good things!

Do you have any big hallowe'en plans? Do share!

Anyway, on to the soup. Up until now if you had asked me what my least favourite of all the soups were, I would have unhesitatingly answered "Tomato!"

I just didn't get the appeal, I mean the flavour was fine but when you have a whole world of other soups out there, why would you ever choose tomato!?

Well folks, I stand corrected, because the world has brought me roasted tomato soup and I am forever grateful.

This soup is super cozy and comforting, and roasting the tomatoes first adds a ridiculous depth of flavour that regular old tomato soup just won't give you. So while I wouldn't fully call myself a tomato soup convert, I will gladly take a bowl of this deliciousness anytime!

When I'm feeling out of my element I have a tendency to want to over-add things to a dish because I figure the more the merrier. While this sometimes works, it also definitely sometimes does not. I knew for something as basic as tomato soup I needed to keep it simple, so I practiced a lot of restraint in order to do so, and it really worked in my favour.  So while I didn't keep it purely tomato I did dial it back a few notches from what I was originally planning.

One thing I did do to add to the flavour of this soup I also roasted up a red pepper and some white radishes that desperately needed to be used. Neither of these overpowered the soup, but did add that little something extra. Served with some crusty whole wheat sour dough from the local bakery this was the perfect meal for a cold night.

Keep reading for the recipe!

Monday, 27 October 2014

9 Fresh Takes on Hallowe'en

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You guys, I'm feeling fresh lately. I recently cut off what feels like 983,412 inches of hair and i'm sporting a look that is very new to me. And I'm loving it. I was in need of a change and this was a great kickstart.

To continue on with this feeling of freshness, and my love for getting seasonal I thought I'd give a little round up of Hallowe'en themed DIY's and food-stuffs to help get in the spooky spirit.

If you're anything like me (or perhaps even nothing like me), you don't necessarily desire reams of cotton cobwebs and plastic witches to take over your abode. Maybe, you're looking for something a little more simple, modern, or homemade. Halloween doesn't have to be just for the kids and I think if you dig around these links you'll find there are a lot of ways to keep it fresh. Enjoy!

Keep your pumpkins looking mod with this Ombre DIY (via Martha Stewart)
Avoid the pumpkin thing altogether and opt for this awesome pineapple-olantern instead (via The Sweetest Occasion)
This Boo Banner is simple, modern, and not at all kitsch or childish (via A Beautiful Mess)
This black flatware set is super subtle and beautiful (via Design Within Reach)
While I might leave off the spider, this web cake is thematic in a simple and charming way (via The Cake Blog)
Dark Chocolate Caramel Corn? Yes, please. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)
If you're looking for something else to do with all of those pumpkin seeds, these sweet and spicy pepita clusters look crazy good! (via Organic Gardening)
Traditional colours, untraditional snack. Done. (via Joy the Baker)
This whole black and white party is a modern take, but the photo for this blackberry cocktail is the most inspiring (via Style Me Pretty)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream Float

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Fridays seem like such a great day to indulge in an extra special treat, don't you think?

It's the end of the working week. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, you've made it.

You've met with that pesky client and came out with clear objectives. Well done!

You've read and marked 56 short stories, of which only one made any grammatical sense. Bravo!

You've successfully avoided your boss long enough so they can't reasonably ask you to work this weekend. You're a champ!

What a great/long/productive/exhausting week it's been. No matter which adjective you choose to use, you deserve a treat. So let's do this!

To break this down for you we've got ice cubes made out of coffee, almond milk, pumpkin spice syrup, coffee, and vanilla ice cream. All of these a great things to have individually, but when you put them together ... that's when the magic happens.

Bitter coffee with sweet ice cream. Spicey pumpkin syrup with cool ice cubes. Just the right amount of creaminess from the almond milk. There's a lot going on, and it's fantastic.

Keep reading for the recipe!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Farm Fresh

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It's rainy and dreary and Monday where I am, which is an unpleasant mixture of characteristics that can only be made better by talking about food. Or consuming chocolate. Or playing with puppies. 

I don't have any chocolate or puppies. So let's talk!

Other Half and I have made the decision to cut our farm shares back to a biweekly order. Even the small share seemed to be just a tad too much for us to handle each week without feeling like we were going to let something rot, which is the opposite of the purpose of this whole thing.

So, I'll still be posting Farm Fresh on Monday's but it will only occur every other week. In between will be the usual collection of recipes and whatnot.

These weeks share was the most cold weather box to date. It was full to bursting with roots and autumnal fruit and veg. Here's a closer look:

1 bunch white radish
1 bunch baby bok choi
5 apples
2 tomatoes
1 large head of broccoli
3 sweet potatoes
approx. 15 mini white potatoes
approx. 10 red and white carrots
2 red onion

I have recently perfected my pizza dough recipe (which I'll hopefully share soon), and so I'm hoping that some of the mini potatoes will go to a roasted potato pizza with caramelized onion. The apples are destined for an apple-cinnimon skillet cake, if I can get to it before Other Half puts them all in his morning smoothies. And a mixed vegetable strata will likely take care of the bok choi, broccoli, and several carrots.

What are you cooking this week?

Friday, 17 October 2014

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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I should probably just start a new feature called "pie for breakfast" because with this smoothie, and these Apple Pie Breakfast Bars, I am well on my to proving how much I like to mask everything so it tastes like dessert. I can see it now... pecan pie overnight oats, lemon meringue pancakes. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Until I run out of pies. Which would happen in approximately 11 days. Because I cannot name more than 11 pies. How sad.

Oh well, at least I've got this smoothie.

Smoothies are a daily consumption in this household and while I have my go to mix-ins, I am trying to broaden my horizons a bit. And since it's all-pumpkin-all-the-time these days, the move to adding pumpkin in my morning smoothie was only a matter of time.

Pumpkin is fairly dense in smoothies and can sometimes create a semi-gelatenous texture - not something I'm a personal fan of - so to combat this I've added more liquid than I normally would in other smoothies. Though this is personal preference.

To make this morning mixture even more nutritionally satisfying I've added some goodies like ground chia seeds, hemp hearts, and flax seeds. If you don't have these don't worry about it. They don't alter the flavour but they do add a recommended boost and can assist in keeping you feel full longer.

Keeping reading for the recipe!


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