Saturday 2 May 2015

Saturday Stuff

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It's Saturday! Oh lovely, glorious, Saturday! And it's a beautiful day! It's sunny! It's warm! The sky is blue! The grass is green! And I'm having a birthday party at a bar that has wood fired pizza and arcade games! I won't mention how old I'm turning because there's only about 5 people who read this blog and you already know and there's no need for me to utter that terrifying number. Ugh, this is going downhill ...

... let's get back to Saturday. It's the best day of the week, one made for fresh goals and long boozy brunches. I can't wait for today!

Here's a few things I found while simultaneously watching friends and playing Two Dots on my phone. Enjoy them and enjoy this day!

Sometimes cooking and baking can be overwhelming. I'm a gadget gal, but there are times when I really appreciate just taking it back to basics and understanding how simple staples work for all cookery jobs - this helps. A lot.

This rainbow power salad is so colourful and so flavourful looking that I'm practically wiping the drool off my keyboard.

You know I love me a good cocktail, especially when they start to get creative!

When we were in Cuba over New Year's there was a night at the buffet that featured bananas foster. Our pal Steve went bonkers for them, something tells me he's going to appreciate this french toast as well.

But have you seen the pocket shark!?

When I'm about to explore a new city I'm always on the look for a good city guide, and I often turn to these from Design*Sponge first.

Have you heard? Denmark and Copenhagen are hella expensive places to visit. Undoubtedly worth it, but we're going to have to watch the budget pretty tightly on this one I think. Luckily smorrebrod exists and I'll be eating them all.

Have a great weekend!

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