Monday 24 November 2014

Wide Angle: Vol. 16

Pin It Happy Monday friends! This month's instalment of Wide Angle, in which we take a look at what's happening behind the scenes is brought to by a lot of nature walks and scenic sunsets. My first autumn back in Canada did not disappoint with the amazing foliage change, and while that's all done and gone by now (we even survived our first snowfall!), these images are relaxing to my mind and soul and hope they do the same for you.

1. & 2. This doesn't look like downtown Toronto, does it? But it is! This is why I love volunteering with Evergreen Brickworks. They are smack in the middle of Toronto (in the Don Valley) and my commute there (photo #1) and the site (photo #2) are some of my favourite Toronto scenes, because they are the most unexpected.

3. Sunset on the road. This was mega.

4. There were so many perfect fall leaves this year it blew my mind every single day. I like fall, but I also find it sad, because it signifies the end of summer and the impending doom of short sunlight hours and bitter cold temperatures. However, it's impossible not to be happy when such amazing colours are thrust in your face.

5. Another scene from the Brickworks and a solid message to boot!

6. An end of season stroll with husband and dogs is a pretty blissful time.

7. Please, if you know what breed this dog is, tell me!! It's just so amazing and huge and, I mean, those ears!

8. Nothing makes you feel more fresh and ready to take on new things than a good haircut. I'm pretty picky about who can cut my hair, and so didn't get my haircut once while living in China (for the best really, curly hair is just not in their repertoire). I travel 45 minutes to a different city entirely to get mine done and it feels worth it every time!

Until next time!

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