Monday 10 November 2014

Link Love-In: Hibernation Mode

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You guys, something terrible is happening. I'm losing motivation. To cook, to bake, to play with my food. It's terrifying and disconcerting and I blame a large chunk of it on this blasted daylight savings time thing people have been harping on about for all these years - making short days feel shorter.

It's resulted in waaaaay to many episodes of Gilmore Girls. Seriously, it's like a fix that I just can't fulfill. It's a sickness and a disease that I'm looking at getting help for.  They shouldn't offer almost endless episodes of anything at the click of a button, it's too easy folks.

With these two things combined I'm about to enter into hibernation. I'll see you in April. May if we have lots of snow.

In the mean time, here are some things I've found interesting as of late.

I lived in Amsterdam for a while during university. As a result it's one of my most favourite cities on the planet. I once took a solo bike trip to see the tulip fields and famous Keukenhof Gardens. Here's an idea of what I say that day.

I recently made this Kale and Feta Loaf. It was delicious and going heavy on the pepper was a happy mistake.

If I can tear myself away from my new best friends, The Gilmores, then I'm also hoping to make these vegan caramels. Check back in June, I might have mustered up the bother to make them by then.

I just learned what an Étagère was. I like the idea, but this is probably the only time I'll be able to use the word. Cool.

Making pasta from scratch definitely goes beyond the realm of my motivation in the kitchen at the moment. Someone else try this and tell me how it went. Thanks.

Until next time!

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