Monday 17 November 2014

Farm Fresh

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Another Monday, another Farm Fresh! Switching to a biweekly program has definitely worked better for us and feels like less pressure. Phew!

It has been insanely cold the last little while, which is really making me feel good about this hibernation thing. Dark by 5:00? Zero degrees? Oh yeah, I'll just sit quietly inside thanks. Luckily, in times like this, the food is brought to me allowing me to stay as snug as possible.

One of the best parts of this farm share is the amazing selection of colours that arrive with each box. I mean, just look at that kale! Have you ever seen such a beautiful deep purple? Phenomenal.

Anyway, let's get to it. This week's share featured:

Sweet Potatoes
Red Onion
Cucumber (not pictured)
Carrots (not pictured)
Broccoli (not pictured)

And with this haul I'm planning all kinds of wonderful nibbles. The broccoli has already gone to a simple and tasty pesto pasta with shrimp, and half the kale has been sautéed with salt and pepper which created a simple and crispy side - delicious. I'm also interested in creating some sort of mushroom, kale, phyllo roll up thing (I'll definitely have to work on a better name for that one). Other Half can't make a smoothie with less than two bananas so those and more get gobbled up pretty quickly. I recently saw a quiche recipe that used sweet potatoes as the crust, which is pretty intriguing and I still haven't really made a sweet apple treat, so perhaps this is my week.

....and I think that'll keep my busy enough for the week. Until next time!

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