Thursday 30 August 2012

Wide Angle: Vol. 03

Pin It Confession: Other than the one attached to my phone, my camera has not seen the light of day since landing in China. The last couple of weeks have been a blur. Attempting to find my way to and through the grocery store was a daunting task. Pair that with the plan and prep for my new role as a teacher and well, I've essentially been in a daze of new-ness for the last while.  I'm trying to fix that. I'm trying to build photo time alongside my prep time so I actually have something other than my boring thoughts to share. I'm working on it... 

Also, I miss cooking, a lot. And baking, even more. I'm also trying to fix that. Currently we have a toaster, a microwave and a coffee pot. The plan in the next week is to also acquire a hot plate and a rice cooker ... I can hardly wait! (Typing that just made me realize how different life is here ... I'm excited for a hot plate and rice cooker - gone are the days of Western sized ovens and cooktops)

But enough of my jibber-jabber ... on with the photos! Here is a selection of Chinese delights for you to ponder.


1. My new favorite tree - yet to be identified.
2. The outrageous Sichuan restaurant around the corner
3. KFC. Egg Tarts. Get into it. Seriously.
4. Let's go shopping! A sign that is guiding the way, in the most unhelpful manner possible.

1 & 2. Dim Sum! The ability to speak mandarin is crucial in most restaurants, at least here you could point.
3. These contraptions (head massagers? space age computers? brain use improvers?) are all over the place in Coastal City (Mall) ... I cannot imagine why.
4. Angry Birds. Also everywhere. EVERYWHERE. This was a clock display. If you choose, you can also get dishes, clothing, notebooks, toys, chopsticks and more all emblazoned with our old friends, The Angry Birds.

And that my friends, is another installment of Wide Angle. In the coming days I hope to do both cooking and exploring ... let's hope that makes it here as well!

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