Tuesday 14 August 2012

Wide Angle: Vol. 02

Pin It I thought it was about time for another issue of Wide Angle, where I replace the more formal posts and photos with an informal look at my everyday.

A compilation of summer snaps that include:

1 - city walks (in Toronto)
2 - puppies!
3 - a treasure map to my favourite restaurant
4 - one of the greatest views I know (in Turkey)
5 - roosters that hang out at castles (in Bodrum)
6 - sponge for sale (in Bodrum)

Clearly, this summer has been a great one. We leave for China tomorrow, and even though it feels like it's been one giant whirlwind, all I need to do is look at these photos and remember all the great times I had with family and friends, and I can relive those moments of relaxation again - even if only for a few blissful seconds. 

How has your summer been?

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