Sunday 9 September 2012

Checking In

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Dafen Village, Shenzhen, China

Hello world! I thought it was about time I checked in to give ya'll a bit of an update on life over here. Coming into this adventure with no real expectations for the city or the job, I can now safely tell you ... it still isn't what I expected.

I reflected a bit already on my initial thoughts of the city, and so far that hasn't changed much. Though we've been here for over 3 weeks, I still haven't had a huge amount of time to explore. I'm working on doing so bit by bit, so hopefully I can show you a bit more of the city soon.

As for the job ... I'm still deciding. I love the variety that teaching provides. Absolutely no two days are the same, and that strongly appeals the routine loathing side of me. And the kids seem pretty cool so far, if not a bit blank stare-y when I try and throw a few jokes around - super awkwardly, of course.  However I'm also pulling 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week with planning and prepping and what-not. Not cool. But I'm optimistic for a turn around (it's only been 7 days after all, and I'm very new to this) and as long as I can get (and stay) ahead of the curve in planning, I think I may be able to keep my sanity and start exploring! Fingers crossed guys, fingers crossed.

On a lighter note, last night brought us to the annual teachers day banquet dinner which included a feast dinner of about 23 courses (I'm not joking), performances by each group in attendance (administration, admissions, teachers, guards, drivers - you name it), and a trip to KTV aka private room karaoke - china style. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of photo evidence that isn't either a) incriminating to fellow staff members or b) showcasing the school name (something I am not interested in broadcasting - fyi).  However know this - it was a great night filled with a lot of fun, laughter and baijiu shots (local moonshine type disgustingness).

All in all, it's been a great experience so far ... but it definitely feels like just the beginning!

Stay tuned ...

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