Saturday 28 March 2015

Saturday Stuff

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Saturday. Glorious, glorious, Saturday. I live for Friday nights just because I love the anticipation of Saturday so much. I really like to take it easy first thing in the morning, in fact it usually takes me at least an hour to get out of bed... first waking up on a Saturday morning is the most peaceful time of the week and is when I really start to feel the relaxation settle in. You can usually find me there with the cat on my legs and my iPad in hand scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram or some photo-heavy site like that, just absorbing all the things I skimmed over too quickly throughout the week.

If you're anything like me, than this post is for you. I purposefully post "Saturday Stuff" very early in the morning so that all these delightful links are ready and waiting for you to peruse while you lounge in the comfort of your bed. Or couch. Or patio. These links are meant to allow some time to just chill and look at pretty/interesting/quirky/delicious things. I hope you enjoy!

Anyone who knows me, knows I like hummus. No wait, I LOVE hummus. I could eat it daily. Sometimes I do. In fact, I'm eating it right now (no joke). While I tend to make the traditional stuff, bloggers are great for inspiring me to try new combinations. Just check out this, this AND this!

If you've read more than one "Saturday Stuff" you've probably noticed I like house renovations. Kitchens are a particular favourite of mine and this collection of the best kitchen renos from Apartment Therapy last year are pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Then there's this lamp. Essential.

So just to recap - I like hummus, kitchen renovations, and travel. Check, check, and check.

Did I tell you we've confirmed our trip to Europe this summer? We'll be flying into Oslo and out of Copenhagen and doing lots of hiking and eating in between. This should get us started.

This video is pretty great, and honest.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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