Saturday 14 March 2015

Saturday Stuff

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I have a really delightful and fresh salad recipe to share with you all, but my computer decided it quit on me this week, so until I can meet a genius at a bar who claims to be able to fix it, that's going to have to remain a secret.

So, you've got a glimpse into what I'll be doing this weekend - waiting in line hoping against hope that I won't have to invest in a whole new computer. That, balanced out with some sushi and squash and I am one happy camper. 

And to you I say "happy Saturday!" Whether you're sipping coffee, day dreaming with a mimosa, or kicking it old school with a chocolate milkshake, I hope you have at least a few moments to relax with a good book, magazine, comic book or what have you. And if you're fresh out of reading, I've gathered up a few links that you may find interesting. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Not only does this look delicious, it's also called a dream-wich, so I mean... that's already a win, right?

And let's take a look at this tuna tartare on nori chips. Not only is it beautiful, but I recently read that nori is the next superfood, so that's two reasons to try this deliciousness. 

Ever wished you were a cartoon? These bags won't actaually make you animated, but they are pretty bright start.

This is my friend Betty. She's hella smart and makes science writing hella accessible. 

Ever since I saw the amazing floors in La Cubana, a local Cuban restaurant in our neighbourhood, I've been obsessed with graphic tiles. Now I might actually be able to afford them one day. 

Ever an excuse to travel, no? These green museums are just so intriguing. 

This guy!

Fingers crossed my computer is fixed soon, because I just KNOW you're going to love this salad!

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