Wednesday 13 August 2014

Wide Angle: Vol. 14

Pin It In the last week we have found a new place to live, purchased a car and done the mad scramble that is finishing wedding details. In short, it's been cray cray (yep, I said it). Oh and I reformatted my computer, because it decided that now was the best time to die. Lovely.

Other Half and I are getting married this weekend, and even though I woke up this morning to the worst possible weather forecast (oh hello sever thunderstorms and 15mm of rain!) I'm trying my very hardest to not freakout about it. It's hard. The whole darn thing is outside. It's hard. I'm trying. Keep everything crossed, ok? Ok!

Due to all the craziness, I've got some more behind the scenes to share. Enjoy and think positive sunny thoughts for this Saturday!

1. I went to a wood store. It was weirdly amazing. It made me want to learn how to use power tools.
2. Saw this beauty while apartment hunting in the city. It was love at first sight.
3. and 4. This past weekend my lovely friends and family showered me with love at a bridal shower that involved these amazing cake pops and then finished the evening with a bachelorette that included a Scotch tasting! Needless to say it was phenomenal from start to finish.
4. This my cat Zorra. I missed her a lot when we were in China. We're still catching up on two years of snuggles
6. Ontario has a beautiful sky. That is all.

Until next time!

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