Saturday, 2 August 2014

Link Love-In - the life-has-never-been-so-crazy edition

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image via Joy the Baker

Salutations! As the windstorm of my life continues to rage on (car shopping, apartment hunting, job hunting and wedding planning ALL AT THE SAME TIME!) I managed to do a little reading recently and find some gems. I hope, unlike me, you get to take a few minutes to sit back, relax, and enjoy these goodies.

Everyone needs an uplifting ditty every now and then (via The Hairpin)

Apparently I'm all about the summer drink this year (via Lark & Linen)

Joy the Baker has done it again (via Joy the Baker)

These are vegetable inspired wallpapers and they are amazing. The first one in particular has got to be one of the nicest things I've ever seen.  (via The Kitchn)

I love Toronto. So does Toronto Life. This is a round-up of reasons they are into it... some are just funny, some are spot on. (via Toronto Life)

As I've said in the past, being back in Canada is awesome. We're currently staying in Hamilton and while I cannot wait to move back into Toronto, I am enjoying some of the local flavours this eclectic place has to offer. If you find yourselves in this neck of the woods may I recommend some shopping at White Elephant (they just opened a second store!), some coffee at Mulberry Street Coffee House, and a big bite to eat at Chuck's Burger Bar. All locations are vegan friendly and locally owned!

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