Sunday 18 August 2013

Wide Angle: Vol. 8 - Off Again

Pin It I'm sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for our flight back to Hong Kong to begin our second year in China. That means that my glorious summer of fun, food, family and friends has officially come to a close and I'm now left with great memories and too tight jeans (totally worth it).

To tide the time until we settle in China and get our internet booked up and oven purchased so that I can start blogging regularly again, here's another wide angle look at my everyday.

1. Canada Day was spent with friends, beer, and bocce.  A look here at my best shot.

2. Just a simple glance at some of the amazing food I've been enjoying.  A falafel burger at The County General in Toronto. Yum!

3. and 4. Flowers, flowers, everywhere! I literally cannot get enough!

5. and 6. I spend A LOT of time out doors this summer in the great nature that Canada offers.  Here are Tobermory and Lake Manitowaba, respectively.

7. A walk with friends in Hamilton's hidden trails

8. An ice cream festival led to some time with furry friends ... win win!

9. and 10. Last, but absolutely not least, I GOT ENGAGED! A picnic in a meadow led to happy tears and many glances at my left hand. We also managed to find a venue mere days before our flight out for the year and I'm am SO EXCITED for the beauty that will be a farm wedding in my hometown. WOOP!

Until next time!

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