Saturday 14 July 2012

Wide Angle - A look at my day to day

Pin It Hello! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night! (thank you, Jim Carrey)

It's moving day tomorrow. For the last few weeks before heading off to China, Other Half and I will be bouncing around, visiting family and friends, and living out of our suitcases.  That means tomorrow we have to say goodbye to our apartment, which we love, and is roomy, and was a wicked steal thanks to my mad negotiating skills (I'm willing to provide tips, for cash).  But it also means I'm saying goodbye to my kitchen.  Pots, pans, dishes, stand mixers and butter knives are all in boxes, waiting until I can use them again (quite a long time from now).

This signifies the beginning of the new chapter, in real life and here, on this blog.  I'll hopefully be able to whip up a couple things in borrowed kitchens over the next few weeks, but you'll definitely start noticing that the food posts will be less common - my apologies if you got used to coming here just for the food. This blog has always been, for me, a place where I'll share my adventures once we land in China, and the last few months have been about getting into the habit of writing things down - I just happen to spend a lot of my time thinking about, making, and eating food, so other than a few travel posts, that is what I have shared so far.

But when one thing ends, another begins, right? Right! So now, let me introduce to you a series that I like to call Wide Angle. These posts will take a look at what's happening on my camera (and in my life)   beyond the kitchen and beyond the traditional travel posts. This is real life.

The cat. This is how she looks after just having signed the declaration of independence. And this is how she looks when she sleeps.

I make friends with donkeys in the French countryside, no big deal. I also enjoy the company of friends on rooftops at night time.

I ate that ice cream sandwich for breakfast, it was everything I'd hoped it would be. That beautiful purple purse you see there is my new camera bag. Love is not a strong enough word.

In June, Other Half and I travelled to Victoria to visit some family. We hopped over to Vancouver to spend a few days in one of my favourite cities and enjoyed both the sunsets, and the food. Guu is one of our faves and is a must visit when in the city.  A family of restaurants that each have their own look, feel, and menu, we could not get enough. In fact, we may have gone back (to a different location) the second night. There are five locations in Vancouver, and two in Toronto - a new goal is to try them all.

When you're twenty-something you attend a lot of weddings. Luckily, I love them, and I love to see how unique each one can be. In the first it's a tea-party celebration of the upcoming nuptials of one friend, and in the second I felt honoured to attend a Mendhi ceremony the night before the wedding of another.

That's all for now, but you can expect more from me and the Wide Angle series soon. Great days to you all!

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