Tuesday 31 July 2012

Limon: A Hidden Gem in a Gem of a Country

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Oh hi, guess what ... I'm in Turkey right now. On the Bodrum Peninsula to be exact.  I've been here for a week, and I'll be here for another. So far it's been a lot of sun soaking, kebab eating, water swimming fun. Also, I have a secret, and I'm going to tell you about it.

Not just any little secret, a big secret.  This secret has to do with food (of course), and is all about one of my favourite restaurants in the entire world.  Slowly, over the years this restaurant has grown, and become more popular – something they totally deserve - but I also feel somewhat possessive about it.  It’s so special I want to keep it all to myself and bask in its splendour.

I visit this place as often as I can, which is sadly only every couple of years, because it’s not anywhere close to Toronto, or Canada, or North America for that matter. Nope, this delightful favourite of mine can only be found in Turkey, outside the cities and villages on a gentle, but steady slope that leads straight into the Mediterranean sea.

Limon Restaurant and Café is only open during the summer season, and other than the washroom and kitchen, you wont find a roof over your head anywhere inside. Feeling more like ramshackle garden-party than a restaurant, there isn’t a bad seat in the entire restaurant. Tables are scattered around the tiered landscape and each is different from the next, each chair (or sofa) looks as though it once belonged to your very hip grandmother, and each setting has a perfect view of the perfect sunset.  To call this place magical, is an understatement.

The best night for all is to arrive about an hour before sunset so that you don’t miss a second of it. Start with a cocktail from their very extensive menu and then move on to their variety of hot and cold mezes (like tapas) which you can easily fill up on.  It’s rare that we order anything beyond that. Experience has shown that they put their full love and attention into the mezes versus the mains, but I have tried some of the seafood, and it’s pretty hard to beat.

The spread you see before you included falafel, hummus, fava bean puree, yoghurt with dill, stuffed vine leaves and zucchini flower, smoked eggplant, watermelon and feta, zucchini with dill, fava bean with tomato, and potato wedges (out of place, but delicious none the less) – a veritable feast to say the least. 

If you find yourself in Turkey, more specifically if you find yourself anywhere near the Bodrum Peninsula, treat yourself to an evening of great drinks, delicious food, a view of all views and an atmosphere to make you want to stay forever. It keeps me coming back again, and again.

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