Monday 4 June 2012

Adventure Calls: We're moving to China

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We're moving to China. We're moving to China. We're moving to China. I keep telling myself that in hopes that it will actually sink in.  No such luck yet, but none the less it's true, we're moving to China.

Other Half and I both work in education. He is finishing his B.Ed to work in formal school-age education, and I work in informal adult education. Starting in September, we'll both start our first High School teaching jobs in Shenzhen, China.

Why China? Well, there are a lot of answers to that.  I could say it's because the hiring scene here in Ontario for teachers is terrible (it is), or I could say it's because we just want an excuse to travel (no excuses needed here!), but the truth is, adventure was calling. Despite an immense love for life in Toronto and Canada in general, we were both interested in immersing ourselves in another culture, so when the opportunity to move to China came about, we took it.

A lot of people have asked how I'm feeling about it, and I can never quite manage to explain the mix of emotions I have toward this decision. Number one is excitement, without a doubt. I cannot freaking wait to explore the city, the province, the country,  and the region surrounding the country. I cannot wait to meet the teachers and students, and I cannot wait to try out a new (though related) profession. And I especially cannot wait to eat the food.

Number two is sad.  We're leaving behind a lot. We can't bring the cat with us, and she doesn't understand that I'm hugging her so hard and so often because I'm trying to fit in as much cat-love as possible. We're leaving behind family, friends, and various celebrations. Weddings, new babies, big birthdays. Logically I'm aware that we can't always put our own adventures on hold so that we can participate in other people's, but I will still recognize that I wish we could do it all.

Number three is nervous. I'll be teaching high school business studies. On paper this makes sense. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Education. Cool. No biggie. In practice, I'll be doing my own fair share of studying before I step foot in the classroom. Also, what if I don't like it!? I'll like it. I know that I will, but what if?

And finally, number four is impatient. We've known about this move for a few months now, and I've had a lot of time to digest the information.  We have a lot of adventures to complete before we leave in August, but I'm getting impatient. I know it will come and go quickly, but when I say it's constantly on my mind, no truer a word has been written.

This blog was created with this adventure in mind. As a way to document stories and create a space for me to store my memories, because I too often forget. So far, the obvious highlight has been on food (becuase I love it. I love making it and eating it), but as the summer rolls on there will be a slow shift to focus more on the travel side of my life.  I hope you stay with me, because things are about to get really interesting around these parts.


  1. Very cool Jenny! I've been in Melbourne for a year now. I miss home often too, though I'm having a blast while I'm here. It would be great if I could easily pop back to Toronto for the weekend to spend time with the people there I care about.
    Skype is a great thing! You can't use it to hug your cat, but you can use it for quick chats with family and friends.
    Have a blast and keep on writing. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I'm excited to keep reading your blog, I'm going to China in a week and all of these feelings you're expressing I totally understand! Good Luck! <3 April

    1. Thanks April! Good luck on your China adventure as well! I look forward to reading about it and seeing how many experiences we will have in common!



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