Monday 16 February 2015

Wide Angle: Vol. 17

Pin It Time is one of the most fascinating concepts on the planet. There are moments when it drips by at a pace so slow that if it were a visible construct you wouldn't be able to detect movement with the naked eye. And then there are times when it moves so quickly you can scarcely remember it at all.  The last couple weeks I have experienced both ends of this spectrum and I can't say either is better or worse, it just is.

Work has kept me increasingly busy, which makes the days disintegrate before my eyes. While a bad cold/flu type thing has kept me laid up on the couch for the entire long weekend making it feel never-ending. Time, it seems, is a fickle little beast. All this to say I don't understand how two weeks have gone by without a post, but it has. oops!

Anyway, here I am with a quick little post to take a long overdue wide angle look at the goings on in my life. On, on...

1. This is how I spent my transition to the new year. The colours in this country (Cuba) were so vivid and dreamy.

2. This is what my world looks like now. Frozen and grey. With record breaking cold temperatures in Toronto lately, I would give a lot to be back on the perfectly warm beaches of Cuba... 6 weeks feels so long ago.

3. & 4. If you follow my instagram, this is not the first time you've seen my cat. It won't be the last time either.

5. Starting back in the world of work mid-winter is an interesting and slightly depressing time. Beside the fact that you now need to leave your cozy home at an unseemly hour of the morning, you also happen to feel like the world is always in a dusk/dawn state. On rare occasions you get to see some beautiful pinks and oranges, but mostly you feel like you always live in semi-darkness.

6. Did you hear? I made doughnuts.

7. This is how I spent Friday night and it was amazing. A giant salad and glass of scotch. Perfect.

8. There is a lot of seafood on that two tiered platter. I (and Other Half) ate it all. It was amazing.

Until next time!

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