Thursday 4 July 2013

Wide Angle: Vol. 7

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most photos via my instagram

The first week of hometown love has been a busy one! While I adjust to the time and get caught up with all my favourite people in the world, here's another look at my day to day.

1. We moved into a new apartment the day before we left China - this is our view from the 15th floor (much impoved from our non-view of the 6th floor residence building!)

2. Flying out of Hong Kong means a stop at Pizza express for a tasty treat and cold drink.  Here, my first iced tea in many months.

3, 4. Two monumental occasions: my first glass of tap water in 10 months (I'm basically addicted to the stuff now), and my first big salad made of fresh fruit and veg. purchased that morning.  It was the best salad I've ever eaten.

5. Love on a blanket.  Zorra and I have been inseparable this past week.

6, 7, 8.  Right after I got back from China I had to head to the UK for funeral of my grandfather.  A rose from his garden, the train journey from Waterloo to Weymoth, and a stroll along the Weymouth beach - all quintessential for visits past and future.

My grandfather was a immortal legend in my mind, and his loss has not been an easy one.  As a man of 91 (and 3/4's) he lived a long and full life.  He was always patient, and funny, and kind. I aspire to be half as good in the garden as he was and live as smartly and as wholly as he did.  I miss him everyday.


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