Sunday 23 June 2013

Link Love-In: Going Home

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We're flying home today. It's been 10 months since I've stood on Canadian soil, 10 months since I've had a glass of tap water, 10 months since I've eaten an apple, purchased leafy greens, and cooked on more than one burner.  Our life in China isn't hard, but it's different in ways I didn't expect (as I have mentioned here).

Because we'll be returning for a second year, this time armed with a lot more knowledge and awareness, I've been planning my weeks at home this summer to a finer detail than I normally would.  I want to be able to maximize the fun, food, family, and friends that I will be seeing/having over the next 2 months.

I'm over-the-moon-excited for several camping/cottaging trips, the endless amounts of food I will eat on days out in Toronto, buying and eating as much fresh, whole foods as my body can handle, and lounging in the sun with friends and family sharing a drink and a laugh. Bring. It. On.

Since I'll have a lot of time to read on my 16 hour flight home I've been saving articles and books just for the occasion (that's normal, right?). And while I've read all of these below, I thought I'd provide a few tid-bits of interest I found on the interwebs recently incase you too are looking for something to while away some time. Enjoy!

  1. This sounds like a dream destination waiting to happen: Seattle's Food Forest (via Take Part)
  2. Alana from Eating from the Ground Up posted this very poignant piece on the importance of being a role model (and how the media is not helping) (via Eating from the Ground Up)
  3. I'm not the type of person to watch hours of cute animal clips on youtube, but these 51 pictures could change all of that (via Buzzfeed)
  4. Please, everyone, instagram responsibly. (via Grist)
  5. It's weird that this is news: Kate Middleton's birth plan (via The Cut)
  6. I'm not always very political, but the worst thing to happen to Toronto is Rob Ford (via CBC News)
  7. All the friendship bracelet tutorials you could ever want (via Buzzfeed)

What are your summer plans?

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