Wednesday 3 April 2013

Wide Angle: Vol. 6

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Less travel, more writing. That's what I said in the last post, right? Well... I sort of forgot about the last long weekend of the year - 4 glorious days off for the QingMing Festival. We leave tomorrow morning, so those Halong Bay photos are going to have to wait a few more days.

I'm actually pretty excited about this trip, because it will be my first time going somewhere within China on a holiday. We've seen a lot outside of the country, but absolutely nothing inside of it. We're headed to Xi'an to see the Terracotta Army and other such delights, so while we do that... you can look at what else has been going on in the day to day!

1. The Shenzhen ferry terminal likes to serve their coffee in fairy cups. It makes me feel pretty fancy.

2. A hot dog stand in Hong Kong, and my old nickname. Clearly, a name meant for food related things.

3 - 6. We went to Macau recently, and it was awesome! Not only did it include a stop at the famous Margaret's Cafe de Nata for the best egg tart I have ever had, but it also included a trip to the House of Dancing Water show, which was cirque-esque spectacle based in the water. Obviously, it was great.

7. Our neighbour turned 60, so we celebrated with cake. I can't tell you how much I miss regular cake. I want cake and I want it to be just cake and icing. They don't do that here. They are always loading in the whipped cream and fruits and who knows what else. I get it - cake isn't their specialty - but maaaaaan could I go for a slice of fudgy chocolate cake right now!

8. Every year at our school we hold a heritage fair to celebrate the many heritages represented by our students. The best part is the food fair section (obviously) and includes tents for East Asia, India, Europe (basically all French), and North America. I couldn't get enough of the India and Europe areas... endless supplies of bhaji, samosa, quiche, sable pistache, and so, so much more. It was like a dream.  I made 3 dozen butter tarts for the North American table, and I guess they were good because they were gone before I got one!

Anyway, that's all for now! Hopefully I can get caught up on my writing once this last mini-break is finished. Until next time!

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